• When your Family Needs Help, Trust Our Family
    Posted: 01/13/2020

    “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces,” said Spanish philosopher George Santayana. It may sound like a cliché, but for good reason: Family is important. No matter what your family looks like—big or small, from the same genetic tree or related by choice—these are the people who share the highs and lows of life with …
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  • Tips for Improving Your Life in 2020
    Posted: 01/06/2020

    Life can be broken down into many chapters, and 2020 is the perfect opportunity to start a brand new one. But let’s shake things up a bit and take the focus off resolutions. After all, studies show that less than 10 percent of those who make resolutions manage to stick them for more than a …
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  • What Family Ownership Means for You
    Posted: 12/17/2019

    Since Walker Funeral Homes & Crematory opened our doors in 1933, the Walker family and our entire team have been committed to serving the families of Genoa, Maumee, Oak Harbor, and Toledo during some of their most difficult moments. It’s not just a job for us; it truly is our calling. Every day, you hear …
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  • Empowering Those at the End of Their Lives Through Preplanning
    Posted: 12/10/2019

    People can be a little unsettled by a discussion about death, but it’s so important that end-of-life discussions happen within all Walker, Oak Harbor, and Maumee families, as well as between a family or individual and a trusted funeral home. From our experience at Walker Funeral Homes & Crematory, making arrangements ahead of time can …
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  • Managing Grief During the Holidays
    Posted: 11/20/2019

    The holidays are supposed to be a time of great joy. Despite all of the family togetherness and holiday cheer though,  this time of year can be very painful for those who have lost a loved one. Even the most wonderful traditions – the annual family Christmas party, a friendly gift exchange, or the sparkling …
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  • A Tribute to Veterans
    Posted: 11/07/2019

    November 11th is the day we set aside to honor American veterans – those valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen of the U.S. Armed Forces – who all share a dedication to the defense of freedom. For generations, veterans have honored us with this sacrifice, and so all of us at Walker Funeral …
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  • Does It Matter If I Attend the Funeral?
    Posted: 10/22/2019

    Today, like never before, family and friends are spread out all over the country. School, jobs, or just personal preferences can cause us to move hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other. Combine distance with work or family responsibilities and financial or health issues, and getting together for a funeral can prove to …
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  • The Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee: Why It Matters for You
    Posted: 10/11/2019

    While it’s not right for everyone, all across the country, more people than ever are selecting cremation. Families in Port Clinton and all of Toledo are no exception, with many opting for cremation due to convenience, greater religious acceptance, matters of finance, and fewer adherences to family traditions. But it’s important to realize that not …
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  • Our Website, Your Online Home
    Posted: 09/17/2019

    In many ways, a company’s website is a modern-day storefront, offering visitors a first impression about what they do and who they are. This is certainly the case here at Walker Funeral Homes & Crematory, as our website tells our family’s story and the history of the funeral home, provides information on the funeral and …
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  • Four of the Most Popular Personalization Options
    Posted: 09/11/2019

    At Walker Funeral Homes & Crematory, one of the questions we are often asked is, “How can I make the service for my loved one feel more personal?” This is a question our experienced team welcomes from the Genoa, Rossford, and Port Clinton families we serve, knowing how much a meaningful service can help their …
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  • Top Three Myths About Preplanning
    Posted: 08/20/2019

    In life, we are almost always planning ahead for our future. Planning toward a personal goal or planning for the next phase of life. The families we serve here in Toledo are particularly goal-oriented. We set a plan so we can know where we’re headed. Planning relieves stress and answers many questions ahead of time. …
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  • Creating Meaningful Receptions
    Posted: 08/13/2019

    Receptions are an important part of the healing process. They allow Ohio families to come together and support one another in a relaxed atmosphere, laugh about the good times with their loved one, and appreciate the moments they shared with them. At a funeral or memorial service, the reception should be a time for people …
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  • Social Media Do’s and Don’ts: 4 Tips to Know Before You Post
    Posted: 07/24/2019

    Social media has enriched our lives in a lot of different ways. We’ve all heard the stories about the high school sweethearts who reconnected on Facebook and lived happily ever. And many of us who live here in Genoa, Rossford, and Port Clinton have loved ones spread across the country with whom we are able …
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  • Ideas for Reconnecting with Life After a Loss
    Posted: 07/10/2019

    It’s quite usual – and normal – for people who have suffered a loss to go into a kind of isolation. It’s common to feel tremendous sorrow and dislocation even long after the funeral service is over. The normal routines of life have been cruelly interrupted. At Walker Funeral Homes & Crematory, we have witnessed …
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  • Announcing Our New Blog!
    Posted: 06/26/2019

    Welcome to the new Walker Funeral Homes and Crematory blog! If this is your first time stopping by, we hope you’ll spend some time getting to know us, including the many ways we can serve our neighbors in Oak Harbor, Maumee, Genoa, Port Clinton, Toledo, and Rossford. We’re so excited about the opportunity to interact …
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