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Our History


Generations of Service. A Lifetime of Caring


For over 75 years, our family has cared for the needs of our neighbors in Oak Harbor, Maumee, Genoa, Port Clinton, and Sylvania. As a family-owned funeral home, we’re part of the community, and our staff contributes their time and energy to local civic groups and charities.


Over the course of three generations we’ve established a reputation for compassionate, personal attention to the needs of families who have lost a loved one. You expect and deserve a comfortable, soothing atmosphere in our chapels. You deserve to have all your expectations met, and even exceeded.


In fact, we’re so confident that you will be pleased with the tribute we plan that if you are not satisfied with any part of our service, we will either make it right or not charge for that part of the service.


Trust. Fair pricing. Caring service. It’s a Walker family tradition.



Walker Funeral Home – Sylvania


After working at a funeral home in North Toledo, Alvin W. Walker opened his first chapel on Monroe Street in 1933. It soon became the area’s leading funeral home, because Alvin was both involved in community organizations, and because he treated every family as though it were his own.


Later, he was joined in the firm by funeral professionals Charlie Wenner and Ray Feilbach, who shared his dedication to serving families in sorrow. In time, the former Flagler-Lehmann and Saul Mortuaries joined the firm, Alvin opened the Talmadge Park Chapel on Talmadge Road, and was joined in the family business by his son Gary in 1965, and his grandson Keith in 1993.


The chapel was relocated to its current Sylvania location in 1995, and as the community responded to the Walker’s dedication to compassionate service, the family purchased the Maison-Dardenne Funeral Home in Maumee, renaming it Maison-Dardenne-Walker Funeral Home. This expansion of community service was followed by the acquisition of three other funeral homes in Ottawa County. Today, the Walkers and their professional staff serve Ohio families from five spacious, conveniently-located funeral chapels.



Robinson-Walker Funeral Home – Oak Harbor


Back in the 1920s, it wasn’t uncommon for furniture store owners to become “undertakers. After all, caskets were made in furniture stores. That’s what led the W.H. Hetrick family into opening Oak Harbor’s first funeral home. They had previously established the Hetrick & Son Furniture in downtown Oak Harbor.


In order to make their client families completely comfortable, they purchased a large Victorian home that was built in the late 1800s on East Water Street. After World War II, they sold it to Glenn & Mary Robinson who provided ambulance service to the community and sounded the fire alarms for many years. Later they purchased the Cecil Welch Funeral Home in Genoa, and finally sold to their employees, Donald P. Henn and James W. Brossia when Mary retired in 1985.


Finally, in 1989, Gary Walker acquired the firm, and now carries on his family’s tradition as Robinson-Walker Funeral Homes.



Maison-Dardenne-Walker Funeral Home – Maumee


This lovely chapel was the first building in Maumee to be designed as a funeral home. The Julian Maison Funeral Home on Conant Street was established in 1926.


Expanding over the years, Mr. Maison brought his brother-in-law, Rudolph “Rudy” Dardenne into the business in 1948, forming the Maison-Dardenne Funeral Home. Then, years later, Rudy’s son, Richard “Dick” joined the firm. Dick served Maumee families until his retirement in 1989.


A year before his retirement, he merged his family business with Walker Funeral Homes and changed to the current name, Maison-Dardenne-Walker Funeral Home.



Robinson-Walker Funeral Home – Genoa


This chapel shares a history with our Oak Harbor location, because it too, was established by the owner of a furniture store. In 1901 George H. Burman began providing funeral services from his Main Street furniture store, building the current West Street location in 1914. It was Mr. Burman’s home and he would prepare families loved ones for visitation in their home, since it was a common practice at the time.


In the late 1930s, the Burmans remodeled the home, adding areas for funeral services and visitations. Years later, after George Burman died, Mr. Welch purchased the home. Now for some more shared history. After Mr. Welch died, the firm was purchased in 1963 by Mary & Glenn Robinson, who changed the name to Robinson Funeral Home.


They sold the firm to their employees, Donald P. Henn and James W. Brossia, who sold it to Keith and Gary Walker in 2004.



Gerner-Wolf Funeral Home – Port Clinton


The history of Northern Ohio is rich with family history, and with the tradition of furniture store owners serving the community by providing funeral services. The history of this chapel begins in 1885, when Richard and Julia Gerner founded the funeral home after operating a furniture store and undertaking business. Their nephew, William F. Wolf, joined the firm in 1917, and inherited the funeral home years later. He was ultimately joined by his sons, Richard and James. Richard operated the funeral home, and James the furniture store.


After years of attentive, compassionate service, the chapel was purchased in 1999 by Jim and Stephania Brossia of the Robinson-Henn-Brossia Funeral Home, renaming the business Gerner-Wolf-Brossia Funeral Home. They added over 10,000 square feet of exquisite décor to the facility, making it not only Port Clinton’s largest funeral home, but one of the largest in Northwest Ohio. Finally, in 2004, the Brossias retired and sold the business to Gary and Keith Walker.